cyberhostproThese are exciting times for everyone in business; the internet has revolutionized the way you do business and with this comes myriad benefits. You can now connect internationally from the comfort of your office thus increasing ROI.

What’s more the cost of doing business has gone down with the internet revolution. But wait a moment, why is every entrepreneur not enjoying these benefits? The problem lies in poor choice of web hosting plans. To really optimize the power of the internet for your business you need performance website hosting.

Picking the Right UK Web Host

If you are operating in the UK it is best to use a web hosting service whose data centre is locally hosted. However, there are thousands of such companies and to get it right you need to have a checklist of factors to evaluate potential web hosts.

Take a look:

  • Evaluate your website needs: The best UK web host is the one who meets your objectives and goals. You need to consider the type of website you want, expected volume of traffic, special software needs, CMS and platform options including Linux and Windows among other unique needs.
  • Clear storage and bandwidth terms: These are the factors that will determine your site’s performance. As such make sure you get all details regarding any limits on the so called ‘unlimited’ disk space and bandwidth.
  • Unlimited scalability: If you have big plans for your business which every investor has make sure your web host offers adequate scalability in terms of bandwidth and storage. As such look for a web hosting company offering upgrades from shared hosting to VPS or dedicated servers for better memory capacity, enhanced security features and disk storage.
  • Versatile features: Look for unlimited traffic allowance, different disk space packages, and email accounts, latest server options such as CloudLinux, site builders, and MySQL databases among other features. In essence pick a web host firm with the largest variety of products in its packages.
  • Backup services: Data loss is a major cause of nightmares among database administrators and business owners. A credible web host will offer regular data backups to avert such eventuality. Remember that data loss could land you in legal trouble especially if it involves customer data loss. Just try to recall Zurich Insurance’s case in 2010 to appreciate this fact.
  • Host reliability: This is the mark of an effective web hosting service. Downtimes spell doom for any website and if you are able to get a web host with an uptime record of 99% go for it. Never compromise on server reliability because it is a sure way to financial ruin.
  • Round-the-clock customer support: If you are running an online retail store, you always want the best experience for your visitors. It is important to look for a web host who offers 24/7/365 technical support in order to avert downtimes and sluggish performance on your ecommerce website.

There are many other factors to consider including mobile compatibility, choice of database, ease of CMS installation, multiple language support including PHP and Django among others.

Well, all these features can easily be found in a reputable website hosting London Company which offers local databases and customer support. Such a company is easier to deal with to enhance your website performance.


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